Cropped Lighthouse

Your Breakthrough Today

Your enemy, the devil, comes to deceive you to trust in your ability, wisdom, power, wealth, health, education, social networks, and relationships.  But these wonderful things were never meant to give you love, joy, peace and security.  If you focus on them they can bind you and limit your from reaching its highest potential.  God wants to give you a real breakthrough to a higher life of trust and total dependence on Christ alone as your portion in life.  When Christ is your portion, He becomes your wisdom, wealth, and health.  The song writer says, take the world but give me Jesus! Another one says Jesus is all the world to me!

If you believe that Christ is your portion then say it. Tell someone today.  Share Him.  Tell your friends about Him.  They may think your funny,or crazy, but tell them anyway.  It is what you believe and speak that will lead you on your greatest breakthrough in life.  For me the greatest breakthrough I need is to repent and turn away from a life of self-dependence to a life of total God-dependence.  The greatest breakthrough for peace and rest is to come to the realization that apart from Him you can do nothing. For when you come to that realization then you are ready to receive all that He is, and you will have all that He has. The result is a life of trust, rest, peace, and contentment.

The greatest breakthrough for wealth, health and joy of living today is to receive the revelation that you are the Royal temple, and your heart is the Royal throne, where the Holy Spirit dwells as the Royal resident. This is the breakthrough that leads to humble submission to Christ as Lord of all that you are, and gives Him access to all that you are. He must have access to your physical, emotional, relational, intellectual, financial, social, cultural and spiritual life.  And the spiritual life must permeate every other aspect of your life! The Royal resident must have access and control of the entire palace! The Royal temple! And that temple you are. When that happens the Royal wealth starts to manifest in your life.  Experience it today.

Ref: Romans 10:10, John 5:30, John 15:5, 1Corinthians 3:16.