Stay in the House of Bread!

Ruth chapter 1:1-62013  iphone pictutes 192

Famine was in Bethlehem possibly as a result of breaking God’s covenant, Deuteronomy 28:38-45,47.  Bethlehem means “the House of Bread”. So Naomi left the House of Bread because there was no bread in the House of Bread. When there is no bread in the ‘House of Bread’ do not leave to look for Bread elsewhere. Deal with the issue that is causing lack of bread in the house.  What is it that is creating lack in your life? Naomi and her husband looked at Moab for salvation but only met with disaster.  But the Lord visited His people and once again there was bread in Bethlehem, and Nomi returned home to the House of Bread! Thank God she did return.  For in her return she came with Ruth. Through Ruth God blessed Israel with Jesse.

Sometimes you may feel that leaving the Church, job, business, or fellowship group is the solution to your problems.  But often the solution is never in leaving, but in seeking the Lord who alone provides bread.  If there is dryness in your spiritual life do not move from congregation to congregation, seeking warmth.  Seek the Lord.  Stay on your knees and pour out your heart to God until the bread is restored.  If you take time to seek God He will transform your situation and open new doors of spiritual, and even material blessings that you had never imagine.  Your blessing is not in escaping to Moab, but in seeking the Lord to visit His people.   Is there famine in your life today?  Do not leave the church to seek blessings outside where there is no lasting bread.

Our Father, may I not wander away from the house of bread today. I pray that I may not walk in disobedience. Let me serve you with joy and gladness of heart in all that you have assigned me today.  You who visited Bethlehem with bread, and caused Naomi to return, visit us with favour and give us bread again. Cause us your people to return to you and serve you with joy and gladness of heart!  I beseech you, O Lord for fresh anointing by your sweet Holy Spirit upon Your people.  Deliver us from manifestations that are not of Thee!  Grant us grace in utterance and abundance of bread, the word of life.  I petition you in the glorious name of Christ our Lord and Saviour! Amen.