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Stay in the House of Bread!

Ruth chapter 1:1-6 Famine was in Bethlehem possibly as a result of breaking God’s covenant, Deuteronomy 28:38-45,47.  Bethlehem means “the House of Bread”. So Naomi left the House of Bread because there was no bread in the House of Bread. When there is no bread in the ‘House of Bread’ do not leave to look […]

Your Breakthrough Today

Your enemy, the devil, comes to deceive you to trust in your ability, wisdom, power, wealth, health, education, social networks, and relationships.  But these wonderful things were never meant to give you love, joy, peace and security.  If you focus on them they can bind you and limit your from reaching its highest potential.  God […]

What Language do you Speak?

It is time to learn to speak Kingdom language: Psalms 33:6,9. During colonial times many countries in Africa, including my own country Kenya learned to speak the Queens language. English! Those who learned it best became very proud! They were even thought of us intelligent! The flag was British! They spoke about England and London! […]

The Reality – Hope Gap!

You are full of hope but you are conscious of the reality.  Your eyes are open to reality. Your faith is strong and fixed on your hope. But between your reality and hope there is a gap, a dreadful gap. A hollowness. A dryness within that tells you that your hope is unattainable. You are […]