What Language do you Speak?

It is time to learn to speak Kingdom language: Psalms 33:6,9.

During colonial times many countries in Africa, including my own country Kenya learned to speak the Queens language. English!
Those who learned it best became very proud!
They were even thought of us intelligent!

The flag was British!
They spoke about England and London!
They ate with a knife and a fork.  And dressed in a coat and a tie!
The British influence will remain in my country for a long time.
And we drank tea and coffee! We still do.

Among the Yorubah of Nigeria they have a law that the Chief of Ife, while sitting on the throne cannot speak any other language but Yoruba.  So when we visited him with the GC President we had to use an interpreter! This man studied in England and is an intellectual. His English is as perfect as it can be!
But on that throne he speaks Yoruba only.
The king is the protector of the Yoruba way of life, and he cannot surrender that to another culture.  The discussion that could have taken 15 minutes took more than 30 minutes because of the translation.  That’s how much the Yorubah people value they language.

At the height of apartheid in South Africa, the Afrikaans tried to enforce their language on the people, and the children refused. They rejected total domination.  The result was the 1976 massacre of the school children who demonstrated against the government.

Point:   The language you speak shapes your thinking! And your thinking shapes your words. Your words shape your actions. Your actions when repeated leads to your habits. Your habits put together define your behaviour. And your behavior shapes your character. And your character determines your destiny!  If you learn to speak the Word of God, the language of heaven, that word will transform you thinking and your life.  Try it.
So never under rate the power of words! You are your words.
Words have power!  That is how God made the universe. “He spoke and it was done.”

Kingdom words are the King’s words
The kingdom of God is power, God’s word is powerful, Hebrews 4:12, 1Cor 4:20

In God’s Kingdom we learn to speak God’s language using God’s words.
God speaks things that are not as though they were! If there is anything that God cares about, it is the integrity of His word.  God has exalted His word above all His name! Psalms 138:2

Paul the apostle says we believe therefore we speak.
If you believe you speak! God is inviting you to speak.
When you are living kingdom life you learn to speak, and whatever you speak comes to pass because God has already declared it.
We speak the Kings language; the Kings words
It is the language of love, the language of faith, the language of peace; the language of possibilities.  Nothing shall be impossible to those who believe in Him.  With god all things are possible.  In Christ all the promises of God are yes.  We speak yes and do the impossible.

When you speak the Kings word you do not have to panic as to whether what you say shall come to pass!
Because the King says:
I am watching over my word to perform it! Jeremiah 1:12.
You are just a steward of the word of life! God Himself takes the responsibility over His word!  Your role is to speak it.

When you speak God’s word faithfully, God’s power is activated! Jeremiah 23:28-29
He says, the word shall not return empty! It shall perform that which He pleases! Isaiah 55:10-11

Listen.  God has a word for every situation.  When afraid He says fear not, for I am with you.  When anxious He says be anxious for nothing but in everything give thanks.  When feeling weak He says “My grace is sufficient for you.”  When needing money He says “Silver and gold is mine.”  So ask and you shall receive.  Ask in faith. Do not doubt.  Doubt hurts Him so badly because He is not a man that he should lie! Numbers 23:19.  Please stop hurting God!  Do not doubt His word.  Do not add to His word.  It is perfect already! (Proverbs 30:5-6).  That is, it has been tested and proven to be perfect and true.  Take it and act on it and watch the results!

So go ahead today and put a smile on God’s face:  Remember He loves you and is just waiting to be gracious to you!  (Isaiah 30:18).  Go ahead and ask for something so big that only God can give.  Ask in faith.  Ask for His glory.  Expect to receive.  Ask with thanks giving in your heart.  Keep on asking.  And tell me about it when it happens. Where do you start? Start here:  “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3.  Now that is a practical verse and need no interpretation. Where are you?  What is happening in your life?  Call to Him!  Do it now.

Reflect: What have you been speaking of late?

Meditate and Pray: “Let the sayings of my mouth, And the meditation of my heart, Be for a pleasing thing before Thee, O Jehovah, my rock, and my redeemer! Psalms 19:14
– Youngs Literal Bible

Won’t you speak His words today?


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